About Us

Exploring Your Art

At Peonymoon we acknowledge that all of us are born with innate creativity -- a simple joyous desire to express who we are. I am also are aware that the artistic expression of this creativity is woefully ignored in most people. Hidden. Lost. Peonymoon is here to help you find that lost spark and perhaps kindle your own special little bonfire; to help you remember what it was like to have your hands give birth to colors, shapes, and forms and feel so pleased.

Picking a Workshop

I know. Your head is full of lists, got-to's, what if's; crammed with hours of computer work and office work. It might feel so liberating, so rejeuvenating to turn all that off and just make something with your hands. Something simple and quietly joyous like nature printing, mandalas, bookbinding, jewelry making, poetry writing, calligraphy. Check over our workshops and see if one doesn't beckon you.

Living With Color

Color. Exuberant color. Soothing color. How it affects us! Just think of "landlord green" and "prison gray." Or better yet, don't! Let us help you find colors that put a zip in your step, a smile in your heart, or a buddha in your being. Contact our Color Consultation service for this experience!

Encouraging Original Artwork

We love it and encourage it! Peonymoon offers art works, cards and small prints of original art. We currently are featuring work by Hermineh Miller.

Peonymoon welcomes you and invites you to visit us often.

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