Biographical Information

I am a practicing artist, calligrapher and teacher. I knew at the age of four that I was an artist. That knowledge eventually led me to a B.A. in fine arts and a M.A. in graphic design. The exploration of the world around me through the arts is an intriguing experience that I love to share.

In 1966 I began my calligraphic journey. This stylized form of drawing is a pleasure in my life. I have taught for 38 years and enjoy creating books, broadsides and logos for my clients.

Color makes me happy. To be surrounded by colors that please me is very nurturing. The pleasure of living and working in such a supportive environment is delicious.

Working with my hands is immensely satisfying. I love to share my artistic skills with others through workshops. Using both the logical and non-verbal parts of my mind is so gratifying that I want to gift others with the same experience.

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