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Thank you, Hermineh! The house is now a Living, Breathing Being that provides the peace, grace and healing we each need everyday to nurture and support us. My heart's desire to bring Nature has come true." - De Fano

"I had been wanting to paint my dull apartment white walls for several years, but just couldn't decide on a color. Without Hermineh's help I would not have known how much difference putting color on walls can change the entire energy of your room. Now my living room and den are warm and inviting and the color seems to pull the whole room together." - Linda Randall

"I loved the process of working with Hermineh and discovering what colors were right for me. It helped me to discover things about myself that I never knew." - Katherine Wright

Color Consultations for Home or Office

Surround yourself in beautiful colors that enhance your environment and reflect the real you.

Color vibrations actually emit wavelengths that can affect the way you feel in that space. I can help you identify the colors to surround you so that your environment becomes a welcoming, supportive, pleasurable space to be in.

Peonymoon consultations include: an analysis of your space and your desired outcome. When the session is complete you will have a palette of colors to begin the transformation of your space into a more inviting home.

Interior and exterior consultations are based on an hourly rate. References available upon request.

Give me a call (703-742-9111) or e-mail me and we can discuss how we can work together to create the environment you've always desired.

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