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Humans respond to color on many different levels: emotional, psychological, spiritual and even physically. The right color is essential to creating a haven of supportive, harmonious comfort in your living. My strength lies in my intuitive understanding of color and its influence on people and their environments. I derive enormous satisfaction from taking the fear of color from my clients\' lives, allowing them to live in beautiful surroundings.

Initial Contact

During our first conversation, we will discuss the room you are seeking help with, your goals and hopes regarding this space, and I will ask you some important questions regarding your room. Some questions are:

  • What activities take place in this room?
  • How does this room feel now?
  • What is the feeling you want in the room? For example, serene, vibrant, or cozy.
  • What kind of light comes into the room? For example, direct, indirect, filtered by trees, constant shade.
  • Where is this room in your house? How does it relate to other rooms?
  • Are there any colors you cannot tolerate?
  • Can you accept a dramatic change in Replica Rolex color?

Your answers to these questions will help me to choose the color palette that is most appropriate and will welcome you every time you enter the room. Photos of the room are also very useful in determining the best color for that space.

My Analysis and Recommendations

Using the information you provide, I will analyze the various attributes of the room in light of your needs, and derive a palette of colors that are most suitable. My color recommendations will be made on the basis of my experience as an artist, my innate understanding of color, as well as an intuitive sense of what works for you and your space.


In order to find the exact shade for you and your space, we will meet at your home and together will determine the best shade from my recommended color palette. Usually, clients will feel themselves drawn to a specific color within the palette that resonates with them.

You will receive photos of your room with new colors on the walls, a large color chip from my stock of Benjamin Moore paint samples and a board on which to paint two coats of the chosen color to use when selecting soft furnishings, accessories and furniture for the room.

Additional Services

I offer an additional service during the actual mixing of the paint at the paint store. Most paint formulas are not full spectrum colors and can feel \"dead\" when applied. Through very subtle additions of other colors to the basic formula, I am able to create a vibrant color that will change as light moves through the room. By \"tweaking\" the paint in this way, the color becomes a living, breathing element of the room.

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